Tuesday, November 26, 2013

One Month Old 11/26/13

I can't believe that Timothy is one month old already! The time has seriously flown by and I feel like he has been with me forever! I have decided to write him monthly letters about what is going on in our lives so that I can keep track of everything!

Dear Timothy,
The first few nights at home were challenging because you were cluster feeding from around 9-1, and I was simply exhausted. Thankfully, Auntie Lisa took you a couple of times for a little while so that I could get some sleep. Since then, the cluster feeding has toned down but night time is still challenging. Little man, you are not a fan of sleeping on your back and want to instead sleep on me, which I have given in to so that I can get some sleep! Typically at night you sleep for 1-2 1/2 hour stretches, so my sleep has really suffered but because I am able to rest during the day it hasn't been too terrible. Either way, it's been so worth it to snuggle with you!

We have had a ton of visitors, and many wonderful dinners from people. You have been able meet many of Mama and Daddy's friends and a lot of family as well. You are really good with people and love to be held.

We have ventured to your pediatrician two times, and you have done well both times! The first time you had gained an ounce since the hospital at 4 days old so you were 6lb,11 oz. They also did a heel prick to draw blood for a jaundice test which thankfully you did not have. You did scream bloody murder during that time and made Mama sweat like crazy - hormones! Your second appt at 2 weeks old went well also. You are a very healthy boy and gained back your birth weight plus some and weighed 7lbs, 14 oz. Since then, according to the scale Mimi got for you, you are up to 9lbs, 1 oz. Little man, you are an eating champ! 

On that note, feeding is going well and you eat every 1-4 hours (usually around 2). You are only fussy when you are hungry or gassy. This whole nursing thing is a lot easier than I thought it would be, although it has moments in then middle of the night that are challenging. I have even fed you in public several times now, in restaurants and in shopping parking lots!

We have gone out to get frozen yogurt, dinner 4 times, church, and shopping. We are very fortunate that you are a good little one and as long as you are fed and changed you are as happy as can be to go out. 

Auntie Lisa has been staying with us and has been an incredible help! She basically does everything around the house so I can just focus on you. I hurt my back with the pup one day, as well as from giving birth so I have been a little less mobile than usual (going to a wonderful chiropractor that has helped!) I don't know how we would have gotten through this first month without her! Thank you Auntie Lisa! And of course the rest of our family and friends that have helped out so much as well!

In the first month you have also:
Started tummy time 
Your umbilical cord fell off
Have had 3 sponge baths and one tub bath
Have had several poop and pee blowouts, but the two best were the projectile poop that shot 5ish feet across the room!
You can hold your neck up for long stretches
You are really strong!
Have had your nails cut several times because they grow so fast 
Turn your head when you hear noises
Recognizes my voice
Follows close objects with your eyes 
"Smile"occasionally in your sleep
Don't love getting changed
Make the sweetest and funniest noises and faces - my favorite noise sounds like a horse neighing and my favorite face is your Cheerio face.
Took a couple trail walks in the BOB

I'm so incredibly in love with you, little man. You have brought so much joy in the short time you have been with us. We miss your Dad so much, and I know that will continue to but I see him in you every single time I look at you, which is amazing. 

I love you always and forever,

Tim, you would be so thrilled to hang out with your son! He's such a love and makes me laugh. I wish you were here to hold him and be a family with us, but I know you are still with us in whatever way you can be and I know you love him and me. I can't wait until we all get to be together again, but in the meantime I will do my best, with God's grace, to raise him to be a Godly man that loves the outdoors and is kind and good and a great friend - just like you are babe! Thank you for giving me this gift before you left to do greater things in heaven. I love you!
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  1. Jess....your words made me cry...This all must be a Little bitter sweet sometimes...as raising any child is; but....you are in my prayers often and am envious that my get to sniff that little boy whenever you like. Love him, squeeze him, spoil him to a point....and when you think you are done and you have raised this warrior, he will come back often to seek your wisdom and hold your hand.... Love you Jess. Chris